Let us help the refugees in Moria!

The Luxembourgish Pirate party has started a drive for funds in order to help the refugees in Moria (Greece).

Some months ago, a fire broke out in the refugees camp in Moria, where asylum seekers lost the last of their remaining properties.

We, the Pirate party Luxembourg, want to help and invite you to join our action to support our Moria donation.

How does it work ?

  1. You can buy one Moria Package in our online shop:
  2. One package costs 30€ (feel free to give more if you wish) and includes one special “Coffee to help”-mug and a reusable an washable face mask which we send you to say “Thank you for your support!”
  3. 100% of the collected donations will be used to help the refugees on Lesbos island. Let us be clear: the Pirate party will not keep one single Euro of the collected donations! The collected money will be invested integrally into warm shoes and socks an other clothing items, which will be shipped to Borderline Europe.*

To be clear: our donations to the people on Lesbos, do not mean that we agree with the fact that thousands of people are still stranded on the island. On the contrary, the Pirate Party calls for an end to the migrant camps in Greece and elsewhere. These people need a lot more than shoes.

*Here is some information about the ONG, who has agreed to help us:

Borderline Europe is a German ONG that has been founded in 2007. They have offices in Berlin, Palermo and also on Lesbos. 2012 the organisation   received the peace award from the Aachener Friedenspreis e.V. in Germany.

Since 2015 the ONG is involved in Lesbos, where  the volunteers help the arriving asylum seekers. For instance, they offer English and Greek language courses to the refugees  and help them with the administrative procedures in order to ask for asylum. More information about Borderline Europe can be found here:

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