Foreign Affairs


In a globalized world, Luxembourg is not an isolated island either. As a founding member of the EU, we must be aware of our responsibility at the international level. For this reason, the Pirates support a foreign policy that is oriented towards democratic standards and focuses on strengthening human rights. Development aid must be based on these principles as well as financial and economic support.



Pirates speak out against cyber war!

We openly oppose overt and covert actions by public, private and public organizations that use cyberspace as a conflict zone and endanger civilians. We consider harmful software that can endanger people’s lives by attacking social security networks (keyword: CRITIS) as an unacceptable security risk and call on governments, especially the Luxembourg government, to take peacekeeping measures in accordance with international conventions human coexistence through technology on Earth. We Pirates, together with our sister parties in other countries, call on all governments on Earth to collectively protect the global information and communication networks and recognize them as the supreme common good of all people.



Strengthening the United Nations (UN)

The United Nations, as the most important institution for peaceful understanding between the states of this earth, absolutely needs a series of reforms in order to be prepared for the new challenges. Adequate inclusion of all continents in the Security Council should ensure permanence. Against the background of their growing regional importance, emerging countries in particular should be more closely involved in the mechanisms for global responsibility. The United Nations can only fulfill its obligations if the member states play their part. It is committed to involving the United Nations more closely in the coordination of disaster relief projects in the future.



Human rights on the international agenda

Wherever Luxembourg appears, we must defend universal human rights. We must give greater prominence to human rights worldwide, because all people are equal and entitled to the same rights. We demand from the next government not to enter into privileged partnerships with countries where human rights are trampled. On the one hand, it is unbelievable to strengthen human rights and, on the other hand, to enter into a privileged partnership with countries that systematically discriminate against political opposition, believers or people on the basis of their sexuality. We demand that human rights take precedence over economic interests.



Invite human rights observers consequently

In the future, at least one human rights officer should be present during all official trips of Luxembourg delegations. Upon his return, he will write an independent report on the human rights situation in Zilland. This situation should be evaluated on a traffic light scale. On this basis, priority should be given to future delegations and countries without the necessary respect for human rights should be treated more critically.



Support for new democracies

Luxembourg’s development aid focuses mainly on states that are making clear efforts toward democratic structures. Countries that have not held free elections according to UN standards for many years must no longer receive development aid, with the exception of such elections. Young democracies must be supported worldwide, and in this way Luxembourg should be one of the first countries in the future to recognize the new, peaceful foundations of the state. As a rule, Luxembourg should be one of the first countries to recognize peaceful, new, democratic states.



Democratization of international organizations

The international organizations to which Luxembourg belongs, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank or the World Trade Organization (WTO), must be democratized. Developing countries must also finally be given a voice in these organizations. These international organizations must not be structured differently from region to region, but each country must be able to represent its voice equally.



Clear 3D strategy in the military

In the future, our army should only reduce its role in a 3D strategy (development, diplomacy and defense). The Pirate Party rejects the use of Luxembourg soldiers in war zones. We see the disadvantage of 28 different armies and therefore advocate the pooling of resources for the creation of a European army.



Ban on nuclear weapons

The Pirate Party is strictly against nuclear weapons, both in terms of storage and transport. We demand a worldwide reduction and a worldwide ban on the production or use of nuclear weapons.



Fight against terrorist financing

Luxembourg’s involvement in the so-called fight against terrorism should be limited to better screening of suspicious banking transactions. We strongly oppose the TFTP treaty and demand that an analysis of bank data is only carried out within the EU. Tackling terrorist financing efficiently and economically creates fewer martyrs and is demonstrably more effective than using armed troops or drones.



Maintaining a high level of development assistance

We continue to advocate for a high level of development assistance. However, we call for this to be spent specifically on promoting independence, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and democracy. In the future, EU development aid should be coordinated at the federal level to better avoid waste and double spending. as development assistant

The budget should provide funds for the university’s cooperation with partners in developing countries. Therefore, should also act as a development assistant.



Two-State Solution in the Middle East

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can no longer be resolved in the traditional way. Therefore, clear solutions are needed. The Pirates support a two-state solution that includes the borders of the West Bank and Gaza. Jerusalem, as the holy state of many religions, should be placed under international law and under the protection of neutral troops. One possibility would be the Swiss Guard. A general right of return for Palestinians on Israeli territory should be ruled out, while allowing them to obtain Palestinian citizenship. On the other hand, Israel must give up all settlements and settlers must be given the opportunity to become Palestinian citizens or return to Israel. The water supply and critical infrastructure must also be protected by neutral troops so that no new conflicts arise.



Rethink NATO

The military alliance must undergo reform, and there must be open discussion, with each member continuing to have its place in the alliance.