Right to vote for EU citizens in local elections

On May 12, 2021, the Pirate deputy Sven Clement filed a new bill. In this proposal, the Pirates demand that non-Luxembourgish residents in our country should have simplified access to local elections. Under the current system, only 23% of the 250’000 residents originally from of other EU countries participate in local elections. Our proposal aims to abolish the residence clause for residents with the nationality of a EU country and that the municipal administrations must inform each new resident, upon declaration of arrival, of the possibility to register on the electoral list.


If this proposal is accepted, it would give many more citizens the opportunity to have a say in municipal decisions. The Pirate Party is committed to the lively integration of all our residents and the right to vote at the municipal level is part of this. 

 Sven Clement also gave an interview for Delano, explaining the details of the bill.

The bill:

See where the bill’s at

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