National Congress 2021

Ahoy dear members,

We would like to invite you to our National Congress 2021, which will be held in Schengen at the Schengener Haff on May 8, 2021 from 10 am to about 12 pm. However, due to Covid-19, the number of guests is limited, so of course our congress will be held digitally.

-> via Livestream
-> and via video chat for technical support at
-> The app for voting at the congress was provided to us by the Catalan Pirates (thanks!). Here is the link:

All members who have registered and paid their 2021 membership fee will receive a login to vote here. The video chat password will be given to registered users on Friday.

The scheduled programme is as follows:

  1. Short welcome speech
  2. Election of the congress chair and two assistants
  3. Presentation of the financial report of 2020 from the Treasurer
  4. Election of two auditors to audit the financial report
  5. Presentation of the activity report of the current presidium
  6. Vote on the discharge of the current presidium
  7. Election of the new presidium – Presentation of the candidates and voting
  8. Election of two auditors – Presentation of the candidates and voting
  9. Election of the arbitration tribunal- Presentation of the candidates and voting
  10. Amendments to the bylaws – Presentation and voting
  11. Election of subject representatives in the party leadership (if an amendment to the bylaws is adopted).
  12. Short round of talks on current political topics and issues
  13. Final word

Candidates for the various positions can be sent in advance to [email protected] (or by mail). You can also submit your candidacy for Congress here.

Motions and resolutions may be submitted no later than April 30.

Please find the proposed amendment to the bylaws within the deadline here:

We remind all party members again to transfer their membership fee of 20,00 € to the account of the Pirate Party Lëtzebuerg asbl by 6 May at the latest. Members who have not paid yet will unfortunately not be able to vote in the Congress.

Account number : BCEELULL LU67 0019 3255 6480 6000
Communication: “Membership fee + your name + your commune.”

We very much hope that you will have time to attend this important national conference. At the moment, the Pirates are on a roll and are active on all fronts. To be even stronger, we need many well-motivated members. We are happy that you are one of them!

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