Mathis Godefroid: Coordinator of Hesperange

Ahoi Hesperange, 

My name is Mathis Godefroid, I am 24 years old, a history student, trade unionist and I have lived in Howald my entire life. 

Before joining the Pirate Party, I was president of the National Youth Council for three years – the official representative body for around 80,000 young people in Luxembourg – which enabled me to defend the interests of young people in our country. 

As a trade unionist, I know the aspirations of employees and I have experienced on the ground, how you sometimes have to fight for your positions to thus induce the necessary changes. 

Our municipal council needs Pirates!  

Our municipality needs more citizen participation. The Pirates of Hesperange want more direct participation for and from all the inhabitants to design and build the future of our municipality together. 

We want to set up a Citizens’ Forum or a Citizens’ Council, which could discuss with the Municipal Council the problems raised by the citizens and in the end find suitable solutions. Resorting to a municipal referendum is necessary when there are important decisions to be made, including the fixation of the municipal budget. A number of small businesses should revitalize the center of our municipality and make it more attractive to residents. 

Hesperange must set an example when it comes to protecting the environment and our natural resources. 

As a party that defends animal and environmental causes, the Pirates want the municipality of Hesperange to achieve the Climate Pact gold certificate for the second time. Our goal is for all municipal buildings to use renewable energy sources. Hesperange should also make more efforts to help citizens who wish to invest in renewable energies. 

The Pirates noted that the town does not have free water dispensers. It is especially in summer that, for example, children playing on the municipal playgrounds need water to cool off. 

We Pirates rely on your support for the 2023 municipal elections. 

Join our team, participate in the development of the program or become a candidate on the Pirate list of Hesperange. 

All together for a fair, equitable and modern municipality of Hesperange. 

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