Gratulujeme – Congratulations to our Czech sister party

October 8 and 9 were national elections in the Czech Republic. Among these, our Czech sister party Česká pirátská strana and its list partner STAN were elected to the Czech Parliament as the third strongest force. With 15.6% of the vote, they won over voters and secured a place in the next government. A first, for the Pirates to join a national government!


The Pirates congratulate their sister party for their hard work in the last weeks and months during the election and for their new approach to the parliament. Together with the STAN party, the Pirates then made themselves indispensable when it came to forming a new government. The future new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, has already published his list of ministers, and the Pirates will not only be part of this government, but will be able to play a decisive role in shaping the future of the country.

Petr Fiala nominated Ivan Bartoš, the party leader of the Czech Pirates, as Minister for Regional Development and Digitalization. In addition, MP Jan Lipavský will be Minister of Foreign Affairs and Michal Šalomoun Minister of Legislation. 4 other Pirates will take their seats in the Parliament.

The Luxembourg Pirates are happy for their sister party and wish them good luck in the next government. We also wish the 4 MPs good luck and constructive work in the parliament. We are convinced that they will show all of Europe what the Pirates can achieve if they can contribute.

Gratulujeme a přejeme hodně štěstí! – Congratulations and good luck!

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