for the City of Luxembourg


We are convinced that together we have lots of good ideas for our city.

Together with you, we would like to critically assess what already exists, suggest improvements and implement new ideas and concepts.

Shaping our city together

The Pirates demand more citizen participation and more transparency in politics, especially in our city! Everyone should be able to co-decide when, how and where our city should develop, what kind of infrastructure we need and where the shoe pinches.

e Grupp vu Leit déi Daumen virun engem Gebai ginn.

Our top candidates

Foto vum Pascal Clement - Spëtzekandidat fir d'Gemengewalen 2023 fir d'PIRATEN an der Stad Lëtzebuerg


Lead Candidate – 63 years – employé de banque e.r.


My name is Pascal CLEMENT, I am 63 years young and I am the lead candidate for the City of Luxembourg’s Pirate Party.

As what we call ‘en echte Stater Jong ‘, I first lived in the center of the city, then moved on to Limpertsberg and Bonnevoie. I have been living in Beggen since 1989.

My great passion is the art of magic and everything that has to do with people (such as psychology, sociology, etc.)

In my spare time I like to read, ride my bike, visit foreign cities and enjoy time with my wife, our children and grandchildren.

I am involved politically, because without political involvement there will be no change and no future for our children.

In particular, I care about social policy issues such as poverty, homelessness, immigration and inclusion.

My motto is:

No soup is eaten as hot as it has been cooked.

(translated from a luxemburgish saying)

Foto vum Marie-Marthe Muller - Spëtzekandidatin fir d'Gemengewalen 2023 fir d'PIRATEN an der Stad Lëtzebuerg

Marie-Marthe MULLER

Lead Candidate – 60 years – Employée d’Etat


My name is Marie-Marthe Muller, and I am 60 years old. I studied classics and modern Philology, and I am a state employee on unpaid leave. In addition, I am a volunteer in the OGBL-DTH.

My great passion are languages and communication. As well as singing in the Choir Sang & Klang, Pafendall.

In my free time, I like to read, work in my garden as well as walking.

I get involved in politics because of increasing social injustices. The cleavage between poor and rich is on the increase and the middle class is increasingly weak. Intergenerational dialogue is very important for the preservation of nature for future generations.

Self-determination, a multicultural society, and social justice are particularly important for me. This is the reason why I joined PIRATEN.

My motto is: Together for all

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