Drug policy

An informed and self-determined society can be entrusted with the responsible use of addictive substances. The difference between legal and illegal drugs is based more on tradition than on medical and scientific facts. The Pirate Party therefore rejects criminalization on this basis. The problem of drug use arises from the abuse of addictive substances – a problem not of the justice system, but of the health system. Consistent education and addiction prevention work is the cornerstone of a modern drug policy.

Drug addiction is a medical problem

Drug addicts can no longer be criminalized because of their disease. Addictive behavior is a disease that must be treated for fear of punishment without sacrificing treatment. For this reason, the Pirate Party demands that people with addictive behavior be offered every medical option to stop the behavior on their own. At the same time, we demand psychological counseling as well as social inclusion measures to prevent relapse.

Legalization of Cannabis

The Pirate Party demands as a direct measure a patient possession of cannabis for self-consumption for adults, to at least end the criminalization of cannabis users and to relieve the authorities. Cannabinoid-containing medicines should be equated with other transportable medicines. It is within the scope of the treating physician in which the actual substance should be used. The cost of the medical treatment is paid by the health insurance company.